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About Us

Welcome to Fly Carbon.

My passion for fantastic flying machines stretches back over 40 years, As a small child i remember watching at my local slope in wonderment as these magnificent machines flew above me powered by nothing but the wind.

I fly for the pure enjoyment the thrill the excitement.

Fly Carbon was born from an age long passion for flight and models, I have spent many years researching the development of the hobby and the models involved.

As the designs moved on and Composite materials became the main stay of many manufactures i wanted to be able to bring a hand picked selection to you.

I am a firm believer in the age old saying "Quality over Quantity" 

I don't carry huge numbers of gliders in stock as most are built to the customers exact needs whether it be a full house competition F3F racer or a scale slope model. The options are endless.

I am privileged enough to be working with some of the world leaders in model design and production to bring you nothing but the best.